Some Kind Of Hero (EP)

by JaeWon

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Recorded in the beginning of 2008 and released during my time with Stonerude Records.

Now in 2011 as part of warming up for my new street album "Hometown Hero" it is being re-released, this time for FREE download.

Download, send it to your friends and don't forget to become a fan at


released May 9, 2011

All tracks written and performed by JaeWon.

All music produced and arranged by Jonathan Ojeda, who also lends his voice for some additional vocals on every track.

Cover design by Arvid Wessman (

Photo by Stefan Bergh.



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JaeWon Sweden

JaeWon (born Jimmy Skoog) coming out of Norrtälje, Sweden. Download the FREE album "Hometown Hero" right here on JaeWon's bandcamp and become a fan at if you like it.

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Track Name: Some Kind Of Hero
Verse 1:
I was 12 years old when I decided to rock the nation //
I was sick of school, I was tired of indoctrination //
I needed somewhere to hide so I locked the basement //
and grabbed the microphone with a smile as I blocked the hatred //
from those who doubted me 'cause I could do without it, see //
I knew what I wanted to do, 'cause music is allowing me //
to be free now as I look out over the crowd I see //
these kids reminding me that dreams are never out of reach //
so I'll keep conquering from north, west, south to east //
'cause nowadays I've got more than one mouth to feed //
(you see) I went from gravel and pebbles to mountain peaks //
so look at me now mom and dad, aren't you/I bet you're proud of me?... //

Once again - here I go //
walking down that same old road //
I've been high, I've been low //
I've been lost but now I know //
it's my life - it's my pain //
I've seen sunshine, I've seen rain //
through the storm - look at me //
and you will see some kind of hero... //
Some kind of hero... //
Some kind of hero... //
Some kind of hero... //

Verse 2:
Watch me turn a simple song into a masterpiece //
right in front of everyone who's ever laughed at me //
stepped all over my dreams and had me doubting myself //
[ From: ]
'cause the first time they did I made a vow to myself //
to never set my dreams aside for anything //
that I wasn't going to hide, just write, but many things //
came in my direction that I couldn't quite understand //
couldn't comprehend, that's why I became a running man //
staying up late nights trying to cure my stagefright //
barely seeing daylight, living an insane life //
it was obvious that I was running out of fuel //
but I didn't give a damn that I was flunking out of school //
this dream was all that I had and I would die before I'd let 'em take it //
man, you must be blind if you can't see my dedication //
it's so much more than just ink on a paper //
so my spirit will live on through the tunes I've created... //

Verse 3:
Yeah, I admit it, there were times I was sick and tired //
they thought I was gone but this dragon's still spitting fire //
so focused, while these other cats sat back //
I just kept marching with the swagger of a badass //
I'm doing things that these legends have never done //
and you know the funny thing is; I'm only 21 //
but they keep denying there's a legend in the makings //
waiting for me to abdicate when this is just my coronation... //
Track Name: Homesick
Verse 1:
I keep thinking 'bout the dream I had last night //
can't remember how long it's been since the last time //
we sat down, had a proper conversation //
I know that the way I'm living is causing complications //
and it weakens me, it's overwhelming //
when I try to call you but ain't got no reception //
on my phone, I'm alone and it's crushing my hopes and //
aspirations, there's a sudden rush of emotions //
and sometimes when reality escapes //
my mind, I thank God that I'm man enough to say //
when I made a mistake and admit that I was wrong //
I just take my feelings, make 'em fit into the song //
and sing it to you, I just hope that you can hear me //
(hear me...) and see the real me 'cause I can see you clearly //
then I wake up, shaking and shivering, cold sweats //
all over my body, I'm feeling homesick... //

Here we go now, baby //
I've been on the move for so long //
the road is getting darker //
pray that you will lead me home //
and I don't know, girl, maybe //
I've run out of reasons to hold on //
but then I hear your voice and //
know that it will lead me home... //

Verse 2:
This is what I've been working for the past nine years //
baby, lift your chin, I know feels like we're light years //
apart but in a couple of days I'll be right there //
to hold you through the cold nights, lead you through the nightmares //
no more waking up crying in the middle of the night //
I'll be happy to see your face on the pillow next to mine //
feeling your wonderful scent as I'm kissing your face //
and you're giving me goose bumps when you whisper my name //
so we live and never regret, forgive but never forget //
I just want to treat you right and give you the respect //
that you need from a man, be the best I can be //
'cause when I feel you there resting on my chest, girl, I feel at home... //
Track Name: Living Free
Verse 1:
Good morning world - time to wake up //
to a brand new day, feeling great - yup! //
that's right, baby, show 'em what you're made of //
and I'm a do the same, put my feelings on the paper //
but before I transcend the limitations //
allow me to send an invitation //
to (all of) my enemies and friends who've been awaiting //
this moment, (I want to) thank you for your patience //
thank you for providing the energy //
that I need to survive in this industry //
forward with a smile 'cause I'm living free //
finally, now that I'm on a winning streak //
you better believe that I've paid my do's //
got caught (up) in the storm but I made it through //
then I came back in my favorite shoes //
now I'm a let 'em talk about it while I make my moves... (C'mon!!)//

This is where the journey starts //
keep on following your hearts //
maybe this is just a dream //
but it's my way of living free //
if this is where the story ends //
I have no regrets my friend //
maybe this is just a dream //
but it's my way of living free... //

Verse 2:
True story - You see, I went from the stoop to the stage //
stepped up, grabbed the mike and it blew 'em away //
[ From : ]
exceeded every expectation that they had //
prejudiced fools with their heads in the sand //
were forced to wake up to a new beginning //
of unchained melodies, moving rhythms //
and a star shining to fill the vacancy //
in the hearts of the people, it's plain to see //
that I've got my own plans and ambitions //
not sure what they are, but a man on a mission //
nontheless, always handling my business //
never going to quit... Now can I get a witness? //
nowadays I just lock and load //
and I'm a chase that bread 'til my pocket's full //
they told me everything I wanted was impossible //
but I just kept dreaming of rock'n'roll. Let's go!... //


I'ma do my thang thang - I'ma do my thang... //

Verse 3:
Just when you got sick at the thought of rap //
I came back with something sick and I brought it back //
in the days, took you back to the days of cooking rap //
stumble down a crooked path, forward without looking back //
please support an endangered species //
of hungry artists and play the CD //
take it all in, sit back, let it marinate //
beautiful fairytale told from the barricades //
beautiful fairytale told from the barricades... //
Track Name: Feel The Vibe (feat. Jonathan Ojeda)
Verse 1:
Hi there girl, how you doing? Now forget about your hardships //
for a minute, let us sit down at the bardisk //
I usually prefer working over parties //
but tonight I'm a rockstar, not an artist //
(so) don't pretend, baby, you know who to go to //
for that old school vibe, mixed up with that soulful //
funkyness, oh so fresh - it's Stonerude //
so cool, well, all right... Now let me show you //
how we can go from partying our asses off //
to eating burgers on the floor like David Hasselhoff //
before the night ends and if you're bringing the right friends //
the sky's the limit. You ready? Well, let's ride then... //

Chorus: (x2)
Feel the vibe, feel the vibe //
all my party people get down //
Feel the vibe, feel the vibe //
if you came here to have a good time... //

Verse 2:
they know that it's JaeWon //
rocking fresh shoes, step into the room with my shades on //
Say, who? You know the dude who will make songs //
with a chemical effect similar to an A-bomb //
Boom! As the night goes on, just let that song play //
see you sitting in the corner, homie, why the long face? //
I've been working all day too, so I'm sorry //
but that's a lame excuse when you came here to party //
I've got to admit it I'm easily inebriated //
on the dancefloor, feeling the heat when DJ's playing //
that hot shit. Well, I don't mean to keep you waiting //
so keep it shaking on the floor and I'll see you later... //

Chorus. (x2)

Verse 3:
All right people, that's the last call, so clear out the dancefloor //
everybody's stampeding out, shaking the asphalt //
now it's 3 o'clock and we're dancing on the rooftops //
to that 70's funk that's banging out the boombox //
doing everything from the running man to the moonwalk //
we rock on from Stockholm to New York //
can't waste time, I say life is too short //
to worry at all - let us all take our shoes off... //
Chorus. (x2)
Track Name: Bogus Bounce
Verse 1:
I heard... I, I, I heard...
the early bird is the one that gets the worm, I'm //
fresh out the nest, already taking it worldwide //
(you poor thang!) people compared you to Mr. Curbside //
and threw your demo out the window as soon as they heard mine //
those executives and A&R's want that hotness //
ain't got the key to success so they're calling on the locksmith //
JaeWon is a monster, kind of like the lochness //
used to fly with the luggage, but now I sit in the cockpit //
and I'm about to have some fun with it - run with it //
hun-gry like a beast. You want it? Then come get it //
Oh, he done did it again now, thinking he's all that //
you should either get with it or forget it and fall back... //

Bogus bounce, bogus bounce //
everybody's talking gangsta but they ain't really down //

Verse 2:
From Australia to Asia, Eurrrope to the US //
I step into the ring leaving competition toothless //
too fresh, others rappers feeling useless //
walking 'round the house all day in a robe like they're Hugh Hef //
I know you've heard I murder tracks like it's nuthin' bro //
now c'mon, let's put the funk back in dysfunctional // (Aoooow!!!)
I'm a keep going, keep moving like a rebel //
I'm a keep talking trash over groovy instrumentals //
I'm a hell of an eloquent, diligent fella //
with a lyrical sentiment, not necessarily intelligent //
killing the melody, feeling adrenaline filling me //
doing it for the hell of it, giving this business some elegance //
now I'm a take you back to the basics //
since 1999 I've been working the graveshift //
now watch me turn my biggest interest into a paycheck //
it's my first release and I just gave this industry a facelift... //

It's ok... Good times... //
It's ok... Some fun... //

It's ok to have a good time every now and then... //
It's ok to have a little fun from time to time... //
Hahaha... //